Missy started The Calixto Project as a passion project to educate kids about nature through adventure. Having kids of her own, she would take them on road trips to New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and other places to teach them about the world around them.


She took them to volunteer for trail building, Sierra Club events, to get certified as a water monitor,  educational talks about the environment, and on special adventures such as rock climbing kayaking, caving, rope swinging, cliff jumping, and anything else they came across. 


Missy's education lies in Art and Design as well as Geography and Environmental resources. Working in the field of commercial Photography/Design and then within the  environmental field of water, wastewater, environmental resources, transportation data, and community development by incorporating the rules and regulations of government entities such as federal, state, and cities, Missy decided one of the most important things about the environment and our communities is education. Educating about environmental stewardship, learning about nature, and having fun in nature is vitally important to our world and our humanity. 

If you teach them to respect it, they will protect it


Educate kids about Nature through Adventure

Kids want adventure, action, and something to talk about. Learning through adventure teaches us respect and gives us a deeper understanding about our natural world. It is proven that outdoor adventure is linked to knowledge, confidence, resilience, health, and independence. Getting outdoors and having adventures is essential to physical and emotional health. Come Join us!

The Calixto Project's goal is to get kids interested in the outdoors by taking them on fun adventures. Will they learn in the process? You bet! We work only with professionals who know the subject matter. Will they have fun? Sure they will! The goal is to learn about nature as well as have fun. Nature is fun!


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has
Margaret Mead